How to Dress up Strategically


Raise your hand if you've ever been in this modern-day conundrum:

You have a first date waiting at the end of your workday but only a short 15 minutes to get from your office to the bar, leaving you with no time to prep, polish, or even change. You'll just have to rely on the hope that you picked the right outfit in the morning to get you through the day and pray to find a red lipstick in your desk drawer. That's all well and good, but what outfit will seamlessly blend at the bar as much as it does in the boardroom? Good news– you don’t have to do either! We’ve put together easy tips to taking your work outfit from office Chic to Night out in a matter of minutes.


1.Ditch the blazer

Wearing a blazer into the office automatically makes you look more poised and put together, but also gives off a day time vibe when paired with other business casual/formal pieces. To take your look from day tonight, simply lose the jacket! Layer it with a tank instead of a button down and a midi skirt and you're cocktail ready by the end of the day.





2. Or not

Blazer shave recently become very trendy and versatile night looks, so take advantage of that! Stick a single pair of jeans in your car or work bag to pair with your blazer and slip them on once the day is done. For a more casual night look, roll up the sleeves of your blazer. Again, pair it with a tank instead of a button down and you're ready to go!





3.Embrace Dresses


Dresses are also an easy and stylish way to transform your look from office to cocktail hour. We suggest finding a wrap dress you love, because they're both professional for the workplace, yet well-fitted enough to make you feel sexy and confident on your night out. If wrap dresses aren't your thing, find any other style that makes you feel great! And of course, an LBD is an essential when it comes today to night looks.



4.Don’t be afraid of animal prints


Add some flare to your office look by matching a pair of leopard print heels with your standard business casual/formal attire. You can embrace animal prints with in your tops—pair a snakeskin blouse with your black trousers and blazer to be trendy and professional. When your day is done, the animal print alone will help take you from day tonight! Again, lose the blazer or bring a pair of jeans to the office to create the ultimate night outfit.




5.Let your hair down


Sometimes taking your look from professional to party is as easy as just freshening up. If you like you wear your hair up during the workday, let it down for your night out! You can also add a darker lip color to your look to create a sultrier, night vibe without having to switch up your outfit.




6.From Boardroom to Bar Bites

On a day where you need to keep your outfit semi-professional, swap out your blue jeans for a colored denim, and pair with a simple (but sultry) wrap blouse. Finish off your look with silver mules and a bright red lip, and you'll be ready to head to the bar for your date.

7.From Client Meeting to Happy Hour

 A lacy blouse is professional while still being date-appropriate while the red pants and a seductive touch. Pair this with comfortable slides and a structured mini bag.



8.From Casual Friday to Cocktails

Is your office jean-friendly? Pair high-waisted denim flares with a frilly top for the perfect day-to-night look. All you’ll need is statement mules and a beautiful bag to add a little visual interest to your outfit.



9.From Board Meeting to Dinner

There are those days when you need to look like a million bucks, both in the boardroom and at the bar. If your day consists of an important board meeting followed by a starred dinner date, try a sleek air of white paints mixed with a dramatic black top with statement sleeves. A deep red lip and mules will complete this powerful look.



           Follow one (or all!) of these tips and you'll be an expert at transforming your look from day to night!   Have a happy cocktail hour, ladies.:)



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